Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's What Not

Source: Via This is Glamorous

Smiling at....Summer days in Winter. And this is why I love living in is AUGUST (read: Winter) and we have had a week long stint of blue skies and sunshine! Divine. I have all the doors in our house open to let in that glorious summer breeze and bright Sydney light. Am a very happy camper. It's time to shelf the Acne boots that I have been living in and get my hands on a new pair of Bensimon tennis flats for every day (my favourite spring time walking shoe - would love a watermelon pair)...!!!

Laughing at....hilarious 29 vs 31.....I am 32 (not 31) but this clip has me asking myself "what would I tell my 29 year old self?". Probably to hurry up and get in shape and enjoy the freedom and spontaneity that's not possible once you have children!! Warning: very funny. (Disclaimer: seeing as a SINGLE  girlfriend posted this on Facebook, I feel as though I have her permission to share it here - very funny!).

Watching....The Newsroom....amazing new television drama...not since The West Wing have I so thoroughly enjoyed a program and actually felt as though it was worthwhile TV viewing. Don't get me wrong, I watched every episode of Revenge but I am sure that I am a little bit more stupid as a result....! Newsroom is screening Monday nights on SoHo on Foxtel. Watch the trailer here.

Reading.....too many books! Just finished All That I Am (Anna Funder) which is a beautiful portrait of different kinds of love and ultimately betrayal amongst German anti-Nazi activists in London before WW2.  Am currently devouring The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern), a whimsical fairytale full of mystery and intrigue.  Next on my list is the thriller Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn), can't wait for that one! 

Pouring over...Dunlin Home. This beautiful online store was profiled by The Design Files here...I already want new bed linen, those beautiful pouring saucepans and tasting

Exasperated supplies! It's my little girl's birthday in a few weeks and we're panning a very casual party in a nearby park on the Monday morning of her birthday. I am getting a little obsessive about Paper Eskimo, Donna Hay General Store and Papier D'amour. What am I so worried about? She's turning ONE! There is no way she'll even remember this party....!!!

Source: via This is Glamorous


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  2. Love the acne boots. Looking for something similar for London winter, whilst retiring my bensimons...

  3. Highly recommend the Acne boots....I think Rag & Bone have a very similar pair that are great as well? X

  4. Have you seen the vid by the same girls called PREGNANT WOMEN ARE SMUG? Pant wetting material!