Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee Table

I love this coffee table - it is very similar to the coffee table in one of the the Leibowitz & Mclachlan houses. It's a nice modern shape but still looks quite rustic. I think it would be perfect for my living room. At the moment, we're making do with an old storage chest and it's about time for an upgrade!

From Jasmine & Will

Pale Sofas

Why do I do it to myself? I have a chocolate coloured pooch who, no mater how much I love her, will always shed her hair. I am about to have a baby which no doubt will cause even more mess. My husband has a habit of eating in front of the television sans plate or napkin.  Despite all this however, I still love the look of pale coloured sofas and lounge chairs. They remind me of summer, they seem more relaxing and very comfortable to me. Here are some of my favourite images of living rooms from Lonny via pinterest which tell the tale. Aren't they gorgeous?

Living Room

With our baby due date looming on September 3 as a deadline for finishing everything in our home (eeek!) there are so many things that I was to accomplish in our living room - a new rug, new slip covers for our two sofas, a new coffee table, maybe a console behind one of the sofas, a mirror above the fireplace and maybe some built in shelving/cabinetry to house the television, some books, and a lot more! 

Here are a few images from Sydney design duo Leibowitz & McLachlan to inspire me to get a move on! I have wasted many an hour already poring over the beautiful rooms photographed for their website. The combination of neutral colours, natural finishes, fusion of modern and antique appointments, perfectly styled accessories and all of that gorgeous Sydney sunlight streaming across the screen, make all of the interiors addictive - I can stare at them over and over again!

What I'm Reading

It's hard to decide whether or not I prefer reading or choosing what to read next! Here are a few of the current novels on my radar.

I've just read....Under The Influence by Jacqueline Lunn, a book club choice that I thoroughly enjoyed. We had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline over the weekend to discuss the book. I must say she is so lovely and it was inspiring to hear from her about the writing and editorial processes as well as her upbringing and life as a mother of three, both which inspired this story about girls growing up and how what happens in high school can set a pattern for the rest of your adult life.  Especially perfect for anyone who went to an all girls school!

What I'm reading at the true story The White Masai by Corrine Hoffman who falls in love with Kenyan warrior Lketinga while on holidays with her boyfriend and subsequently changes her entire life in order to follow her heart and be with the man she loves, moving from her comfortable life in Switzerland to Africa to live in a hut, eat goat and drink chai and spend her days with the rest of the tribe. It's an amazing story that has since been translated into film. Amazing.  


What I'm reading next......well, I'm torn to be honest. I will probably start with One Day by David Nicholls which is by no means a new release but supposed to be fantastic. I am keen to read it before the movie starring Anne Hathaway is released in Oz.  After that (or maybe concurrently) I'll get stuck into The House in France by Gully Wells, whose memoir of her fabulous upbringing in London during the 60s sounds just wonderful!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Check out my good friend's blog, Phoodie, it is a fantastic collection of things that she loves to cook (and the girl can COOK!!), as well as places she loves to eat.  It's very helpful if you're stuck for ideas for things to cook week to week and she recently visited one of my favourite cake shops, Adriano Zumbo's in Sydney's Balmain to celebrate her birthday and taste each item in his new collection........YUM!


This is my first baby, Nelly the Wonder Dog. She loves to chase tennis balls, swim in the ocean and roll around in the mud. She's a little bit bigger than she was when I took this photo 6 months ago! She lives with my husband Harry and I and has taught us a lot about looking after someone/something else - she has also taught us that when you welcome a puppy into your home, you have to be prepared for them to make a huge mess, demand a lot of your love and attention and destroy things that you love and value!! Fortunately for her, we love her more and more each day and now can't imagine our lives without her!

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