Friday, November 18, 2011

Spring in the City

via This is Glamorous

Sydney Jacaranda

Spring in Sydney is the startling violet of jacarandas, the sweet smell of jasmine and peonies, warm sea breezes and those first trips to Bondi despite the freezing cold ocean, twilight racing on Sydney Harbour, pretty dresses and flip flops, tasting the first mangoes of the season, bustling cafes, polo in Centennial Park, the Spring Racing Carnival, troops of cyclists and the impending Christmas holidays. It is all that is good about the city emerging in anticipation of those famous hazy summer days. Spring is a "warm up" and it is magnificent. 

Bondi Beach
Dress by Zimmerman via Fashion By Me

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life As We Know It...

All images in this post sourced from Lonny

...has changed. I do not intend to blog exclusively on the subject of becoming a mother but to let it pass without a mention would be strange given the ridiculously large impact that it is having on my life.  It has been nearly 10 weeks since Miss E arrived at 9.25am on 10 September 2011.  It seems like just a moment ago but she is already smiling and cooing at me as though we have known each other for years.  To say that she is a delight would be an understatement but it has not been all smooth sailing...any mother who says so would be lying. One of my dearest girlfriends explained this period where it all slowly starts to get easier as "the fog lifting", what an apt description! 

It is suffice to say that I am in love.  Every moment is precious and passes by too quickly. At the same time, I am insanely curious and impatient to see her grow and change.

In the meantime, the practicalities of motherhood have taken up a lot of my time...hence the lack of blogging. I will post some photos of Miss E's little nursery very soon. This is a room that I spend a lot of time in and so have a vested interest in how it looks and feels. As always, I look to Lonny for inspiration....these are some of my favourites.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little Ray of Sunshine....

She has arrived, little Miss E.  Nothing could have prepared me. Am coping....with a lot of help from darling husband and loving family. Will write again soon with more details. XX