Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Watch this regardless of your political persuasion and be inspired by a confident, intelligent and well spoken woman.  I just watched it for the second time and still have goose bumps.  From afar, American politics can often seem like a bit of a circus but Michelle keeps it real.  It doesn't hurt that she always looks amazing. A big fan of J Crew, this dress is actually by British designer Reese.

And for completeness...here is Anne Romney's address at the RNC as well.  Also very good.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

President JFK with Caroline (4 years) and JFK Jnr (2 years) in the Oval Office, October 1962

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it". 

This simple and lovely quote (Clarence Budington Kelland) sums up being a good father in the opinion of this mother.  I've watched my husband share his first Father's Day with our little girl (we missed out last year by a week!) and it has been a very simple day filled with love and family.  Thoughtful gifts, cups of tea in bed, heading out to watch our nephew (E's cousin) play in his rugby grand final, laughter and spills at lunch time and a quiet afternoon sleep for all of us. All Sundays should be this relaxing. 

Miss E and I had this coffee mug and plate made for her Daddy (stamped with her footprints, her age and the date) at Kissing Fish Ceramics. It was a very popular gift!!

Wishing all Fathers everywhere a very special day. X


After a visit to my dermatologist last week, and her absolute horror at the state of my dry, scaly hands, I have resolved to concentrate on keeping them in better condition. I have become a bit of a washer woman since Miss E was born and I haven't been diligent about wearing gloves when I do the washing up or hand-washing/scrubbing stains from her clothes.  I love the Grown range of skin care products - I use their Camellia & Geranium Blossom Facial Moisturiser).  I have promised myself to use the Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream (hello? YUM) every day from now on...fingers crossed it makes a difference!!  Grown is Australian Made and Owned and all products are Australian Certified Organic.