Sunday, August 12, 2012

Megan Morton @ The School

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One of my dearest friends has very romantically just packed up her life and moved 5 hours away to be with the man that she loves most in the world.....gorgeous. They are getting married later in the year and are in the process of renovating their kitchen/dining/living room. It's a very exciting time for her! When she moved, I wanted to give her something special to tell her that I love her and would miss her but also something that she might find practical as she redecorates her new home......enter Home Love by stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton - just the most beautiful, practical and readable decorating & styling guide ever written. (Home Love was given to me by ANOTHER darling girlfriend and I always remember it as one of the best housewarming gifts I ever received!).

Have you read Home Love? You can buy it here.  I've not met Megan but she sounds like a pretty lovely person and her home, recently featured in Vogue Living (see pics here) is amazing - soft and lovely and perfect.  

She seems to be a pretty busy lady - she is actually working on a new book at the moment, Things I Love, which is due to be released in November 2012 (I am very excited and look forward to devouring it over the summer break!) AS WELL AS coordinating her new venture The School.  The School seems to have been inspired initially by MM's own children and the fact that she couldn't find enough external classes/creative activities to satisfy their curious little minds - I can understand this!!

The School brings together some wonderful creative minds to offer classes for both adults and children - classes include "Fluoro Basketry" (see amazing video here), "Flower Bombing", "Make a Tassel Garland" and "Decorating Cupcakes & Cookies" (this one is for the little ones - love it!). How awesome!!! See the timetable here. I will have to enrol in one of these classes and report back! 

MM - what an inspirational Mumma you are!


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